Begin again (again)

After nearly two years of quiet, I’m back. It’s been an interesting time, with lots of starts and setbacks. The same goes for this site as well.

I could spend a lot of time telling you why I quit posting here, saying it had something to do with the death of productivity (long live productivity) and the rise and fall of, various personal/family/financial things, or trying to get my fine art career going (along with a year-long project that has gotten bogged down — I can’t decide if I’m stuck or empty or some combination thereof, or if I’m just distracted by paying the bills with freelance design, art direction, and web development projects.)

Phew. What a string of parenthetical remarks. I talk that way sometimes, and it drives my Dad nuts.

But what I will tell you is that lately I’ve been inspired to pick this little blog back up based on some things I’ve read from some really sharp guys who live here in Nashville: Jeff Goins and Kenny Silva. They’re both Christian guys with a passion for Jesus as well as a drive to create. The simplified version is that Jeff is a writer who leads teenagers on mission trips, and Kenny is a Realtor interested in leadership and vocational ministry. (Again, that’s the simplified version.)

So, after a few e-mail conversations with Jeff and meeting both Jeff and Kenny for coffee, I’ve decided to get back into writing here on Mysterious Flame.

What’s different now?

Apart from the aforementioned life experiences (and then some) I think a lot of the reason I left MF behind was my focus had changed.

  • I pretty much gave up on (by-the-book) GTD.
  • I’ve gotten more focused on painting (while I’ve lapsed on the Nashville365 project I expect to start back up again soon, with a vengeance.)
  • I’m less focused on productivity as a personal fetish (yes, I just quoted Merlin Mann.)
  • There were too many productivity blogs out there, and it seemed like everyone was maxed out on topics, myself included.

Now, just because I quit blogging here, it doesn’t mean I quit blogging altogether. I’ve been blogging all along on my fine art site. Granted, the kind of writing that belongs here is different from my art blog, which is built more around imagery and art theory. (I’m also starting a blog on my freelance design site, which is another thing, too.)

Okay, Blackman — wrap it up. What’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is that I’m going to focus creativity and inspiration instead of productivity. I’ll probably touch on some bigger life issues that don’t really apply to urban landscapes or design/marketing.

I do hope you’ll stick around and join me on this new ride. I think it’ll be fun to explore creativity as a means and an end.