Capture Tools

Here is a quick list of various tools that can be used for capturing as promised earlier in my post The Importance of Capturing

  • Pen and Paper Tools
  • Digital Tools
    • PDA/smartphone/handheld device
    • text file in conjunction with the Text Manipulation tools for Quicksilver
    • Voice to text service such as Jott that allows you to call and leave a message, which is automatically transcribed and e-mailed or texted to you. Rosh Sillars at Prosperous Artists has talked about it here.
  • Camera
    • digital (I use a Canon Digital Rebel)
    • film
  • Morgue/Idea File
    • literal file folder or an entire file cabinet full of physical clippings
    • folder on your computer containing files you’ve downloaded
    • image bookmarking web service such as FFFFOUND or We Heart It

I’ve used all of these at some point, and I use a combination of most of these even now. (I quit using a PDA years ago after I sat on and broke my trusty Handspring.)

Everybody’s got preferences as to their various capture tools and what they use and how. People are amazingly specific about their pens, whether it’s a fancy fountain pen or a humble Pilot Precise V5 (what I have used daily for over a decade.) So what capture tools do you use? I’d love to know. Share in the comments.