FFFFOUND! A great source of inspiration

FFFFOUND logoLooking for a good online source of inspiration for your images? Enter FFFFOUND!, a website that lets you bookmark images (as opposed to pages like del.icio.us using a bookmarklet to install in your browser. I recently discovered it and for now it’s invitation only. (I managed to get an invite from someone on Twitter.)

Once you have added images to your bookmarks, other users on the FFFFOUND! site can add your images to their profiles as well, thus making them one of your followers. Your images are then recommended to them in a big pool. It’s a little confusing at first since it’s pretty organic and doesn’t have a whole lot of immediate structure, but looking at the cool images is addictive. It’s like the early days of the internet, only with beautiful and bizarre images. I don’t like that I can’t search for anything, and tagging isn’t available. Maybe we’ll be able to do that when it gets out of beta?

At any rate, it’s a good source for ideas and inspiration, with what seems to be an emphasis in advertisements and commercial photography, the kind of stuff that might turn up in Communication Arts if it were less conservative.

Naturally, I bookmarked some really cool images of bridges and Modernist typography.