The Idea Generator

The Idea Generator, by The Directors Bureau

Yesterday as I was perusing my daily feeds, I came across an interesting link on Steve Rubel’s Lifestream: an Idea Generator from The Director’s Bureau. It looks like all there is to the site is just a simple Flash application (if you can call it an application, since it does only one thing) that randomly complies three words from a list. It reminds me somewhat of the game Catch Phrase.

The site doesn’t give any explanation at all as to what this is for or who made it. (I Googled ‘The Director’s Bureau” and it seems there‚Äôs a group of Hollywood directors who call themselves by that name, but I get the feeling this is not affiliated with them.) At any rate, it looks like an interesting tool to help people find jumping-off points for free-association, so it can be useful in brainstorming sessions, much like Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies.