J.J. Abrams’ Mystery Box Wired Issue

Wired May 2009: The Mystery Issue When this arrived in the mail Saturday, I recognized the box with the giant question mark right away. Then I saw that it was guest-edited by J.J. Abrams! It’s a great issue, and while I haven’t finished all of it, I’ve really enjoyed reading it, probably more than I really ought to. In true Abrams fashion, here are all kinds of little things hidden throughout the magazine. Plus there’s a fun article he wrote that talks about spoilers. Interesting tidbit from that article that I didn’t know: Abrams and Greg Grunberg (yep, the guy who plays Matt Parkman on Heroes) were roommates 20 years ago, and tried desperately to beat Super Mario Brothers 2.

It’s so good I stayed up til 1 am reading it. (And I meant to go to bed about 11:30…)

Anyway, go check it out and get yourself a copy. You’ll be entertained and have that creative noodle tickled. Plus, the whole issue is chock-full of Futura and sports a different graphic style, quite a departure for Wired. I don’t know if it’s intended to be unique to the issue or if it’s the way they’ll do things for the next ten issues or so, but it’s a pretty interesting departure for the mag.

Again, go read it. You won’t be disappointed.