Writers need to read and painters need to visit galleries

My friend Jeff Goins recently wrote Why Writers Need to Read if They Want to Be Good, in which he explained how important it is for anyone who writes to spend time reading, because it helps your own writing. It keeps you from using bad grammar, spelling, and the like, much less from writing something boring.

It hit me between the eyes, because I haven’t visited galleries as much as I used to, or as much as I should.

No wonder I haven’t painted in a year. The inspiration and excitement ran out. The well has run dry. Empty.

Sure, I’ve been to an Untitled show a time or two, a couple of First Saturday Art Crawls, and The Frist occasionally. All under the excuse that the quality of art in Nashville is poor compared to big art cities like New York or Los Angeles, neither of which I have ever visited.

Yep, I noticed the lack of quality local art about 4 years ago and kinda quit looking at it since then.

(Here is where I achieve total lame-o status.)

So it should come as no surprise that I haven’t done any art in the past year.

The last time I got excited about art was December 2010, when I went to see the Dali exhibit at the High Muesuem in Atlanta. Well over a year ago.

Let my experience be a warning and a lesson to you: surround yourself with art. Even if you have to travel four or five hours to see something interesting.

As a writer needs to read, an artist needs to feed his/her creativity. Restock the pond, and refill the well. Do it long before it starts to run out.

Once the water level starts to drop, it doesn’t take long for it to all evaporate.

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  1. Very true - I find that I do need to keep my reading an viewing topped up. The other thing for me is being out in nature - it’s nothing to do with my writing or creative works and yet, when I’m stuck indoors too long I get… stuck - I need to re-connect, but even so; I think a bit of stuckness is great! I love the burst of creativity when it finally breaks out, and I’m learning to trust that mine always does, eventually. A recent erruption of mine brought forth this : Seven surefire steps to staying sick, scared and stuck - think you might like it :) IanB ~

  2. Thanks, Ian. That was a long post! Thanks for stopping by.

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