Seth Godin on “Have To” vs. “Get To”

Seth Godin produces some really nice gems on his blog. I’ve never read his books, but I always appreciate what he has to say on his blog. Today he mentioned how someone recently asked if posting to his blog every day is a big chore or not, in his post Have to vs. Get to. Here’s what he has to say about it:

I view it as something I get to do. I spend most of my blogging time deciding what not to post.

The best work, at least for me, is the stuff you get to do. If you are really good at that, you’re lucky enough to have very little of the have to stuff left.

This is totally true if you’re practicing art, and it goes hand in hand with the idea of “turning pro.” Don’t view what you do as what you “have” to do, but look at it as what you have the privilege of doing.