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My friend Patrick Rhone posted a neat article the other day on Minimal Mac about simplifying his RSS system. He reduced his RSS feeds to just two folders, Important and Unimportant, and will gradually delete the unimportant ones as he sees fit. If he isn’t interested in reading it anymore, he won’t read it anymore.

It sounds stupidly obvious, but it’s amazing how much unneccesary stuff we let into our lives because we think we have to. (Is it time to ditch that sitcom you no longer enjoy but only watch out of habit?)

I made a similar move, putting everything in two folders: “Important,” and “It Can Wait.” Either I need to read these posts, or I can wait and read them. Or I can just mark them all as read and not worry about it. I believe that if something is worth knowing, it will come to my attention at some point. I might not be the first to know, but that’s OK with me.

As I was doing this, I eliminated about a dozen feeds that are infrequently updated or just no longer have much value to me. The end result is a less stressful visit to my feed reader. No more slogging through feeds I don’t really want to read.

(And if you’ve deleted this feed from your feed reader, I can’t blame you. My feelings aren’t that easily hurt and I don’t post here much. I’d rather post something of good quality than churn out something of poor quality on a daily basis.)

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  1. Brad -

    Caught this update on FB - thanks for this idea. I seemed a bit behind in my feeds, and always feel overwhelmed trying to keep up.

    Going to try this out!

    Best - Stu

  2. That’s great Stu! I hope it helps.

  3. I use 3 folders - I add one more “New” where I place the new subscriptions. If feed sustains to attract my attention, goes to Important after a while. In other case to unimportant or deleted.

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