About the redesign

I mentioned earlier that I had been thinking of redesigning the site and moving it from Drupal, which was overkill. Initially I imagined it would be something of a community with a forum and everything, but the forum never really got off the ground. I have to admit, I probably went about it the wrong way, since I didn’t “seed” it with interesting, specific topics. I didn’t really publicize it, either. So I decided to do without it.

Design-wise, the colors have remained the same, but the grid system has changed a bit. The grid was largely inspired by Khoi Vinh’s Subtraction.com and based on the 960 Grid System, so it’s very modular. As a designer I’ve finally come to love the grid and gain a better understanding of it’s potential and how to use it. I’ve also come to a greater appreciation for Helvetica, which is used pretty much everywhere except for the body type.