As someone who inhabits both worlds of knowledge work and creativity as a graphic designer as well as a fine artist, Mysterious Flame founder Brad Blackman long wondered how to tie together left-brained productivity systems like Getting Things Done and right-brained methods for reigniting creativity such as The Artist’s Way. GTD is great for knowledge work, but how do you apply the same principles to creative work? And the New Age-y principles of The Artist’s Way don’t always go over well in the business world.

Brad searched high and low for a website that addressed this matter, but never quite found it. Hence the reason for the existence of this site. Just like 43 Folders was created because there were no Mac-centric productivity websites, this site was launched to start a conversation about various tips and tricks to jump-start your creativity in a practical manner.

This isn’t a GTD site, nor is it an Artist’s Way site. It’s something of a mix, and you are invited to join in finding and sharing ways to spark creativity.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. If there’s something you’d like to see, leave a note in the comments on the blog, or drop Brad a line on the contact page.

(A longer version of this can be found on the post Introduction: Why This Site Exists)