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Make Something Already!

As you can tell from what I’ve written elsewhere, I’ve come to the conclusion that “productivity” is not the point. And being organized is not the point, either, although it can be tremendously helpful in a number of ways (that we’re not going to delve into today).

The point is whether you are making anything at all. You can plan and plan and plan all day long and have little to show for it, except for a bunch of plans. I’m reminded of the Beatles song “Nowhere Man,” which is about this indecisive head-in-the-sand guy who makes “all his nowhere plans for nobody.” In fact, “isn’t he a bit like you and me?” Read the rest of this entry »

Productivity is Dead… Long Live Productivity!

Friday night before last, I was talking with Jason Echols on IM about how the whole “productivity” scene has lost steam lately. Not long after the forums started this past summer, a thread emerged called Life After GTD? which is about a sort of post-GTD attitude. Then in September, Mr. 43Folders himself, Merlin Mann, announced that he is “done with ‘productivity’ as a personal fetish or hobby ” and promptly disappeared from 43F. A number of other blogs dedicated to the idea of productivity and GTD have stagnated.

Those of us who have gotten really excited about it in the past few years and blogged about it have ceased to do so, or at least slowed down to a trickle. While MF is a relative latecomer the “productivity” scene (although it has never really been just about productivity in and of itself in the first place), I let this site go stagnant, due partly to technical difficulties and partly to my own blocks. I’ve seen some other productivity-focused blogs start out all gung-ho and then fall by the wayside. Brett Kelly at Cranking Widgets announced last week that he is done with productivity blogging, and then over the weekend posted a rant about how GTD sucks. This past summer I helped launch with a bunch of other guys who saw an overall decline and therefore a need for something new in the productivity arena. Then we posted less and less frequently, and eventually became victims of that same decline ourselves. Most of us jumped on the GTD bandwagon in the past 3-4 years, but we are starting to get off and stay off. People aren’t getting back on. They’re straying into other systems, developing their own. Even my own personal productivity system has evolved quite a bit from “kosher” GTD to something a bit different. While I think that’s standard for anyone who has practiced it for a year or two, I don’t think GTD as a system is really “sticking” anymore.

I think the movement, if you can call it a movement, if you can call it that, is dead. That’s right: (GTD) Productivity (with a capital “P”) is dead. Read the rest of this entry »