Mysterious Flame Returns from Hiatus

Back from the Beach

Mysterious Flame is back from a brief-ish hiatus. As you may know, it’s run by one guy (me), and the month of December was pretty crazy busy. Aside from the holiday craziness in general this time of year, my wedding and a honeymoon put other things on hold. Not that I’m complaining.

So I’ve been back in the studio, working on a painting and making some progress. I have a ton of ideas in mind for paintings that I want to do, so I’m anxious to finish the piece I’m currently working on and get started on some new pieces. I’m back at the keyboard, too, and I’ve got a ton of ideas for Mysterious Flame as well, for all sorts of topics to discuss and people to guest-write and interview.

So toss the RSS feed in your feed reader (I recommend Google Reader or Bloglines) and check back often for some neat stuff we’re going to explore.