Photoshop Tip: Customize Undo/Redo Keyboard Shortcuts

For a long time, Photoshop used Command-Z as “Undo” and Command-Shift-Z as “Redo.” A few years ago, for reasons unknown to me, they changed Undo/Redo to the same shortcut, which forces you to resort to scroll through the History palette to get your documents back to a future state. It takes too long to mouse over to the history palette (if I don’t have to hunt for it first since it might be collapsed or hiding behind something else) and click, click, click to find the document state I’m trying to get back to. This for me is unacceptable and unintuitive, and interrupts my flow of thinking. Plus, it’s inconsistent with the other design apps I’m accustomed to using.

Custom Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Undo/Redo

So for every fresh install of Photoshop I work with, I always change “Step Backward” to Cmd-Z and “Step Forward” to Cmd-Shift-Z. Now Photoshop appears to Undo/Redo in the same fashion as everything else does.