Some quick color links

Following up on yesterday’s post about organizing color palettes, here’s a quick list of some pages and sites dealing with color:

  • Old Masters Techniques and Palettes: How to Paint Like the Old Masters - Good reference material for a number of Old Masters palettes
  • Color Inspiration from the Masters of Painting - Color samples drawn from various paintings. The rest of the site is pretty nice, too.
  • [Improve your photography with classical art](] - Examples of using Photoshop’s Match Color tool to apply colors from classical artwork to your photographs. (via Lifehacker)
  • According to a post on Laughing Squid it looks like you can apply the swatches found on Colour Lovers to the Match Color feature in Photoshop in the same manner talked about on the page previously linked.
  • kuler - (rhymes with “ruler”) Adobe’s site with downloadable color swatches that work with Creative Suite 3. A good jumping-off point for color palette ideas.

While these links are great resources (in my opinion, at least) I’m still interested to hear about how everyone actually arranges their palettes and how that affects their work. Share in the comments!